kokoda poster
“Kokoda” is the feature film debut from director Alistair Grierson.
New Guinea, 1942.
Australia is at war with Japan.
A fearsome force of elite Japanese fighters, heavily armed and battle-hardened, land on the northern coast of Papua New Guinea. Their intention: an attack on Port Moresby and ultimately, an invasion of Australia.
A small platoon of Australian soldiers from the 39th Battalion, ill-equipped and poorly trained, set forward outside Isurava to face the enemy line. After sustained attack from the Japanese, the Australians are cut off from their supply lines. Isolated in the jungle, they make their way back through the most perilous terrain on earth… the Kokoda track.
After three days with no food or sleep, carrying their wounded, and suffering the effects of dysentery and malaria, the men emerge from the jungle – their bodies consumed with exhaustion. But on learning that Isurava is about to fall they pick themselves up and rejoin the battle…Outnumbered 10 to 1.
Somehow, they find a way to beat the odds and defend our nation.
But not without paying an enormous price.
Tracklay and mix by Audioloc.

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