2007 Screen Sound Guild Awards

ASSG Logo “To the Sound Crew of All Saints.
First of all congratulations!! All Saints Episode 393 took out the Australian Screen Sound Guild award (again) for Best Sound in a Television Drama.
Secondly, will have to be thank you, to you all for your contribution, support and most of all the dedication each one of you has shown to continue to push the boundaries, reinvigorate and redesign the All Saints sound world with every chance you get. Without this passion and dedication to make the sound of All Saints stand out from the rest a long and trying season of All Saints could become sonically monotonous and mundane. This award is a testament to your skill and commitment. I think you all thoroughly deserve this award. You should all be very proud, as I am proud, to be a part of it. I also have to say that it is a personal pleasure to work with you all and have bonded with you all on a professional level as well created friendships. I also wish to make a special thank you to Audioloc, without whom none of this could run nearly as well oiled as it does.
Your work ripples down the post production line and I get to experience everyone’s work and am able to look at the detail that goes into every Ep. (This also makes my job easier!!!) So thank you and please continue to surprise!!
All the best for the coming year in All Saints sound.”

Nick. (The mixer)

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