Crooked Business in 36 Cinemas

Crooked Business Poster

From Simon de Bruyn – IF Magazine
“The second feature from criminal lawyer turned writer-director Chris Nyst opened in 36 cinemas across the country yesterday, following a nifty marketing campaign orchestrated by the producers’ own distribution company Pictureshow Distribution.
Nyst, who built a career as one of Queensland’s leading criminal lawyers before turning his hand to writing – first books, then films – made his screenwriting debut in 2004 with Gettin’ Square. He made his directorial debut with this second film, Crooked Business.

After deciding to self-distribute Crooked Business, he formed Pictureshow Distribution with the film’s executive producer Jason Murakami, and they worked closely with producer Scott Corfield and associate producer Cherie Orevich to devise a marketing campaign that resonated with their target audience.”

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