Imax Theatre Sydney turns 16

Imagine 3D Poster

The staff at Audio Loc enjoyed a strange reunion with a film they made some nineteen years ago. Having never seen it in 3D, till now, it was truly a special event.

IMAGINE 3D – a film that exploited the full potential of the IMAX format from one of the world’s foremost directors in this genre, John Weilley.

The sound team led by John Dennison & Tony Vaccher, never actually got to see the final finished film, which had been commissioned by DAEWOO for the 1993 World Expo in Korea. So, for them, the screening on Monday night was truly special.

We hope this film gets a run at IMAX Darling Harbour so you can see this largely Australian production – it is a great film.

  • Nigel Westlake composed the original music
  • Nick Holmes was the picture editor
  • John Dennison, Tony Vaccher, John Patterson, Craig Butters and Peter Miller all contributed to the overall sound design

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