Scary and satirical, the movie features the make-up effects supervision of horror legend Tom Savini.
Six captive office workers are literally chained to their desks by a demented, escaped serial killer; former regional manager Thomas Reddmann (Redd). He assigns his ‘human resources’ the impossible task of proving his innocence or suffering gruesome consequences.


Comedy, Horror, UK, Ireland, Australia & New Zealand
If you reckon your boss is horrible, think your workplace is a nightmare or feel that your job is killing you, watching the new Aussie indie horror flick REDD INC. may just make you think otherwise, or even teach you to appreciate your job a little bit more. After all, no boss could be as horrible as the murderous regional manager Thomas Reddmann; no workplace could be as nightmarish as the torture center that is Redd Inc.; and no job could kill you faster than Redd’s ‘five strikes and you’re out’ approach to disciplining poorly performing employees.

REDD INC. tells the story of six workers who are kidnapped and chained to a desk where they have to work under the supervision and surveillance of a mad man who is Mr Reddmann. The workers soon find out that this is not some random act of craziness, but all six of them are there for the same reason. As the story unfolds, one thing becomes extremely clear: all of them could die… in that office.

Under the direction of Daniel Krige, the cast all give solid performances. Nicholas Hope is outstanding as Reddmann, while Kelly Paterniti does a fine (and hopefully star-making) job playing the film’s heroine Annabelle Hale. The story is interesting, the script is tight and the film is well made overall, but a slight complaint is that that some of the key scenes taking place in the lift are not entirely convincing. That aside, the film should satisfy all horror comedy fans, as it manages to be both disgustingly gory and wickedly funny.

The film has the legendary Tom Savini (FRIDAY THE 13TH, DAWN OF THE DEAD) as its special make-up effects supervisor, and he has done a wonderful job with the film’s many bloody scenes. But the film is not just gory, it also has some very funny moments, and many lines in the script are laugh-out-loud hilarious. The comedy fits really well with the horror, and it may actually be the best horror comedy since TUCKER & DALE VS EVIL.

REDD INC. is the kind of insanely fun film that Australia used to make. If Aussie filmmakers can keep on making good films like this one, the industry may very soon be able to get back to its glorious days again.
by Hugo Ozman, cited