JUCY – available on DVD now

Audio Loc had a great time doing the final mix for Louise Alston’s ‘womantic’ comedy Jucy. The rest of the sound post was done up in Brisbane by Post Lounge.   “Jucy is a Brisbane movie through and through, filmed in Brisbane by a Brisbane crew, starring Brisbane talent. It’s wonderful to be screening the Continue Reading …»

MY AMERICA – Feature Documentary

  My America, is an Australian documentary from the producer who made Selma’s School – Jane Jeffes.  It is about a young Hungarian/Australian yearning for the American Dream, an ideal born from a childhood of watching the big macho action movies of Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The ideas, however, are strong. Director/star/subject Peter Hegedus Continue Reading …»


About Thirst   View Web Trailer here   Set in 2017, four people isolated in their different ways, are trapped, with little water, in the desert outback of Australia. Against impossible odds can they find meaning, connection, laughter… even love before it is too late? Kit, a beautiful 18 year old, fostered since birth, goes Continue Reading …»